This year’s Churchill Memorial Concert will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018 at Blenheim Palace.

The guest speaker will be Earl Spencer.

This will be raising funds for the Oxford Children's Hospital.

The purpose of the Concerts are to celebrate the life and achievements of Sir Winston Churchill and to benefit local and national charities.

Please contact us for more information.


The Churchill Memorial Concerts Trust was established in 1993 to expand the range of distribution of the proceeds of the Churchill Memorial Concerts. These concerts were conceived as a means of providing funds for the Music Therapy Charity and continued to do so exclusively until 1993. It was then decided to bring other charities into the net whilst continuing to support Music Therapy Charity, the policy of the Trustees being that the charitable purposes should be primarily (though not exclusively) for Oxfordshire and be of the smaller variety, for which local funding is a crucial element.

If you would like to propose such a charity, or apply on behalf of one, please either download the Application Form under 'Charities' or write for an application form to:

Caroline McCormack
Blenheim Palace
Oxfordshire OX20 1PS